Welcome to Nurture Ritual  

The following are various practitioners that we trust and highly recommend. Their work combines very well with our services, and we believe could be of great value and benefit to you.

Talking Tree Massage and Body Work

A group of phenomenal massage therapists. Deep knowledge of the body and amazing and intuitive touch. Very conveniently located across the hall from our office.

Greenlake Chiropractic and Nutritional Healing

We love sending our facial clients to go see Dr. Steve Polenz. His work can help you cleanse and rebalance internally in some profound and miraculous ways  which in turn helps tremendously with your well-being and outer complexion.

‚ÄčKris Hugie Alternative Healing

(The Quantum Technique)

Kris performs a very effective distance healing modality called the Quantum Technique. It is focused on clearing both physical (food toxins, and other man made and biological frequencies) and non-physical blockages (stuck emotions and trauma). The work is extremely effective and can be received from convenience of your home as it is done over the phone.